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Airport Virtual Academy is based upon a Professional Learning Community (PLC) model. We focus on student learning and academic growth. Small class sizes allows us the opportunity to focus on building relationships and trust. With this in mind our staff can focus on helping students become successful in school. When a student experiences success in school this leads to an increase in academic self-esteem. This boost in self-esteem leads to students wanting to experience greater academic success throughout their high school career. Our students are able to experience academic growth as well as personal growth on many levels. 


AVA is a competency based educational program which focuses on the outcomes of learning. The program is adapted to the needs of each student and emphasizes student mastery of standard curriculum. 


The educational model is always evolving. Here are some advantages at AVA compared to a traditional model.

Students can continue to work on assessments and/or projects until they aster the competency. This is unlike a traditional classroom where a project or assessment can be submitted once within a confined period of time. 

Students work towards mastery, so traditional homework doesn't really apply. Each student, operating in a self-paced environment, may be working on different competencies, so assigning the same work via homework doesn't apply. 

Personal Attention:
Virtual settings offer students with the more personal attention they at times need. Without a hectic atmosphere, teachers are better able to focus on each student's unique needs and provide a more customized approach to learning.

Flexibility is another significant benefit of virtual schooling. It allows students and parents to create a learning schedule that works best for them based on hobbies, activities, travel, and work schedule. If working as a STW students parents and students can work with their mentor teacher to find a schedule that best suites their needs. If a student is working within the virtual program as part of a blended learning environment with the high school, students can work in the classroom, as well as work from home on their course material. All course material is provided within the program, students don't have to worry about ever forgetting material and not being able to complete their course work.